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Legal Deficits
Season 2, Episode 10

2008-12-27 23:31



Father Michael Ryan: … and suddenly he’s swinging the axe. I, I put my hand out and he chopped it. He cut three of my fingers right off, the, they just fell to the floor.
A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: And then what happened, sir?
Father Michael Ryan: Well I was rushed to the hospital. Two of my fingers were recovered and reattached, and then his colleague, that woman, came in brandishing my third finger. She wouldn’t give it back unless I revealed privileged information about one of my parishioners. He cut it off, and she extorted me with it.
Shirley Schmidt: My first question would be, if someone is swinging an axe, why stick your hand out?
Father Michael Ryan: I didn’t think he’d actually try it.
Shirley Schmidt: And to be clear when you speak of your parishioner you refer to the man charged with kidnapping the child?
Father Michael Ryan: Well, yes.
Shirley Schmidt: And also to be clear, you knew your parishioner was a pedophile?
Father Michael Ryan: I am not going to reveal privileged information to you, just like I wouldn’t to him.
Shirley Schmidt: But you did reveal information to Ms Bauer? You told her where your parishione’s hide-away was. You’ll reveal privileged information to get your fingers back but not to save the life of a child.
A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: Objection.
Judge Clark Brown: Sustained.
Shirley Schmidt: As a policy, if a pedophile killer confesses his crime you’ll protect that secret?
Father Michael Ryan: I cannot break the confessional seal. It’s canon law.
Shirley Schmidt: Is that stupid?
A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: Objection.
Shirley Schmidt: I’m sorry, but the laws in this country to protect again child-abuse supersede doctor-patient privilege, lawyer-client privilege, but not priest-parishioner privilege? Has the Catholic Church earned some special exemption when it comes to pedophiles?
A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: Objection!
Shirley Schmidt: Do we trust them more in this area?
Father Michael Ryan: That’s a cheap shot.
Shirley Schmidt: I’ve been known to take them. Tell us about the Papal Blessings.
Father Michael Ryan: Well. On that matter I, I was, uh… I was wayward. I apologize.
Shirley Schmidt: The Vatican issues Papal Blessings at about thirty dollars a pop. You decided to print them yourself and sell them directly, bypassing the middleman, who in this case, happens to be the Pope.
Father Michael Ryan: Yes. As, as I said, I was wayward there.
Shirley Schmidt: I’m just having a hard time reconciling; you’ll steal from the Pope, but cloak yourself in canon law when it comes to protecting a pedophile. Do you support pedophilia?
A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: Objection!
Shirley Schmidt: Do I dare ask where those three fingers had been prior to my client’s chopping them off?
A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: Objection!
Judge Clark Brown: Ms Schmidt. You are way out of line.
Shirley Schmidt: I’m sorry, Judge. I have known many many wonderful priests in my lifetime. I am not adding Father Ryan to that list. Nothing further.

神父Michael Ryan: 突然间他挥舞着斧头,我,我伸出手然后他砍了下来,他砍断了我3根手指,它们掉到地上
检察官Frank Ginsberg: 然后发生什么事,先生?
神父Michael Ryan: 然后我冲去医院,其中两根手指被重新接上。然后他的同伴,那个女的,带着我的第三根手指走了进来,直到我违反了保密协定向她透露我的教民的信息后,她才肯把它还给我,他砍了我的手指,而她用它来勒索我。
Shirley Schmidt: 我的第一个问题是,如果有人在挥舞一把斧头,为什么你要把手伸出来?
神父Michael Ryan: 我当时以为他不敢真的砍下来
Shirley Schmidt: 让我们搞清楚,当你提起你的教民时,你是指那个被检控绑架小孩的人?
神父Michael Ryan: 呃,是的
Shirley Schmidt: 再说清楚点,你知道你的教民是个恋童癖?
神父Michael Ryan: 我不会向你透露任何个人隐私的,就像我不会告诉他一样
Shirley Schmidt: 但是你的确把它透露给Bauer小姐了,你告诉她你教民的藏身地点,为了拿回你的手指,你愿意出卖隐私,但是当你可以拯救一个孩子的生命的时候,你不愿意那么做
检察官Frank Ginsberg: 反对
法官Clark Brown: 反对有效
Shirley Schmidt: 作为一项政策,当一个恋童癖杀手向你坦白他的罪行时,你也要保守这个秘密?
神父Michael Ryan: 我不能违反保密协议,那是教规
Shirley Schmidt: 那不是很愚蠢吗?
检察官Frank Ginsberg: 反对
Shirley Schmidt: 很抱歉,但是我国有防止虐待儿童法,有医生病人保密法,律师委托人保密法,但是好像没有牧师教民保密法吧?是否基督教堂在遇到恋童癖者的时候就可以网开一面?
检察官Frank Ginsberg: 反对!
Shirley Schmidt: 是否在教堂里他们更值得信赖?
神父Michael Ryan: 你的伎俩真低级
Shirley Schmidt: 从你那学回来的,告诉我们有关教宗降福纸的事
神父Michael Ryan: 那个...在这个问题上,我,呃...我是太过任意妄为了,我道歉
Shirley Schmidt: 梵蒂冈出版的教宗降福纸大概是30美元一份,你决定自行印制和直接销售,绕过授权人,在这个案子里,应该是指教皇
神父Michael Ryan: 是的,就像,像是我所说的,我有点任意妄为了
Shirley Schmidt: 我真的很难把这两者同时和你联系起来,你从教皇那里偷东西,但是在保护一个恋童癖者的时候你却极力遵守教规。你是否支持恋童行为?
检察官Frank Ginsberg: 反对!
神父Schmidt: 恕我直言,在我的委托人动手前,你的手指在干什么(数钱)?
检察官Frank Ginsberg: 反对!
法官Clark Brown: Schmidt女士,你离题了
Shirley Schmidt: 我很抱歉,法官阁下,我认识很多很多出色的牧师,而Ryan神父你并不属于其中之一。我问完了。


Denny Crane: First off, if it had been my child who had been kidnapped? There are no words that could express my gratitude. I’m sure we all agree.
A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: Objection.
Judge Clark Brown: Mr Crane. Do not address the jury.
Denny Crane: Oh. Sorry. Brad. First question.
Brad Chase: I got involved because my colleague Denise Bauer came to me distraught that her housekeeper’s child had been kidnapped and frustrated the police and FBI were making no progress.
Denny Crane: Second question.
Brad Chase: I went to a friend of mine Kevin Drummond at the FBI and asked him for help.
Denny Crane: Third question.
Brad Chase: He told me that while the FBI was limited by State action that private citizens had sometimes successfully taken things into their own hands.
Denny Crane: Fourth question.
A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: Objection. He’s not asking any questions.
Denny Crane: I told him last night the questions I was gonna ask him. Judge I’m just trying to speed things up for the jury who I know are already annoyed at even being here for this ridiculous prosecution.
A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: Objection.
Judge Clark Brown: Mr Crane.
Denny Crane: Call me Denny, Judge. Denny Crane.
Judge Clark Brown: You will ask the question in their entirety so that we may understand what the witness is answering. Outrageous!
Denny Crane: You kidnapped an innocent man?
Brad Chase: Now the brother wasn’t so innocent. He’d provided safe harbor for the suspect, and he had information.
Denny Crane: So that’s when you used violence?
Brad Chase: Threatened violence.
Denny Crane: Only threatened?
Brad Chase: Only threatened.
Denny Crane: Didn’t use it?
Brad Chase: Did not.
Denny Crane: What a fiend.
A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: He’s making light of a kidnapping, false imprisonment…
Brad Chase: Objection!
Judge Clark Brown: You’re a witness.
Shirley Schmidt: Objection!
Denise Bauer: Objection!
Denny Crane: Objection!
Judge Clark Brown: Stop it!!
Brad Chase: None of us is making light of this, Judge. We’re just trying to put some perspective on things.
A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: There is no question before the witness.
Judge Clark Brown: Sustained.
Denny Crane: What can you tell us about perspective?
A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: Objection.
Denny Crane: That’s a question!
Judge Clark Brown: Sustained.
Denny Crane: The brother told you about the priest?
Brad Chase: Yes.
Denny Crane: And that’s when you went to the church and cut off his fingers?
Brad Chase: I swung an axe at his imported door knowing it cost a lot of money.
Denny Crane: How much?
Brad Chase: Nine thousand.
Denny Crane: Dollars?
Brad Chase: Dollars.
Denny Crane: For a door?
Brad Chase: He somehow could afford it.
A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: Objection.
Denny Crane: Bitch, bitch.
Judge Clark Brown: Mr Crane!
Denny Crane: Call me Denny, Judge.
Judge Clark Brown: No! I will not call you Denny!
Denny Crane: So you swung at the door?
Brad Chase: I only wanted to make him think that I was about to destroy the door and he stuck his hand out right at the last second. I never meant to make contact. It was an accident.
Denny Crane: You didn’t mean to hit his hand?
Brad Chase: No. And I regret that I did. To the extent that it led to the safe recovery of Tito Perez, I’m glad about that. But I never meant to cause any physical injury to Father Ryan. And again, I apologize.

Denny Crane: 首先我要说,如果被绑架的是我的孩子,那我不知道如何表达我的感激之心,我想我们都同意这点
检察官Frank Ginsberg: 反对
法官Clark Brown: Crane先生,不要向陪审团说话
Denny Crane: 噢,抱歉。Brad,第一个问题
Brad Chase: 我参与此事是因为我的同事Denise Bauer很烦恼地对我说,她的管家的孩子被绑架了,而警方和FBI没有取得任何进展
Denny Crane: 第二个问题
Brad Chase: 我向我在FBI的朋友Kevin Drummond求助
Denny Crane: 第三个问题
Brad Chase: 他告诉我FBI对此无能为力,但是作为市民有时候可以自己解决问题
Denny Crane: 第四个问题
检察官Frank Ginsberg: 反对,他根本没有提出问题
Denny Crane: 我昨晚已经问过他了,法官,我只是不想让陪审团浪费更多的时间在这个可笑的指控上,他们坐在这里已经够无聊的了
检察官Frank Ginsberg: 反对
法官Clark Brown: Crane先生...
Denny Crane: 叫我Denny,法官,Denny Crane
法官Clark Brown: 你必须完整地把你的问题说出来,这样我们才能够知道证人在回答什么,真无礼!
Denny Crane: 你绑架了一个无辜的人?
Brad Chase: 现在他不是无辜的了,他为疑犯提供藏身之处,而且他有我们需要的信息
Denny Crane: 因此你对他使用暴力?
Brad Chase: 是威胁
Denny Crane: 只是威胁而已?
Brad Chase: 只是威胁而已
Denny Crane: 没有使用暴力?
Brad Chase: 没有
Denny Crane: 高手
检察官Frank Ginsberg: 他正在为绑架和非法监禁作掩饰…
Brad Chase: 反对!
法官Clark Brown: 你是证人
Shirley Schmidt: 反对!
Denise Bauer: 反对!
Denny Crane: 反对!
法官Clark Brown: 够了!
Brad Chase: 我们并没有掩饰什么,法官阁下,我们只是试图获得一些信息
检察官Frank Ginsberg: 证人不能私自作答
法官Clark Brown: 反对有效
Denny Crane: 你获得了什么信息?
检察官Frank Ginsberg: 反对
Denny Crane: 这是个问题!
法官Clark Brown: 反对有效
Denny Crane: 那个弟兄和你说了牧师的事?
Brad Chase: 是的
Denny Crane: 因此你去教堂砍了他的手指?
Brad Chase: 我在他的一扇门口挥舞斧头,因为我知道那扇门很值钱
Denny Crane: 值多少?
Brad Chase: 9千
Denny Crane: 美元?
Brad Chase: 美元
Denny Crane: 只是一扇门?
Brad Chase: 他不知道为什么负担的起
检察官Frank Ginsberg: 反对
Denny Crane: 贱人,贱人
法官Clark Brown: Crane先生!
Denny Crane: 叫我Denny,法官
法官Clark Brown: 不,我不会叫你Denny的!
Denny Crane: 所以你朝那扇门挥舞斧头?
Brad Chase: 我只是想让他认为我要打烂那扇门,然后他在最后一秒把手放了上去,我并不想砍的,是一场意外
Denny Crane: 你并不想砍他的手?
Brad Chase: 不,而且我为此感到很后悔,虽然因此能够挽救Tito Perez的性命,这令我很高兴,但是我绝不想对Ryan神父造成任何物理上的伤害,因此再次,我道歉


A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: Of course we’re all happy that Tito Perez was rescued safely. But, the ends cannot justify the means. Not when the means involve kidnapping, FBI impersonation, false imprisonment, chopped off fingers, extortion and assault. And whether he intended to severe the fingers of Father Ryan or not? He clearly and intentionally swung that axe with reckless disregard. We are a nation of laws. We are also a country that stands for civil liberties and human rights. These are principals imbedded in our constitution. Our Bill of Rights. This man not only broke the law. He obliterated fundamental constitutional tenants in the process. Vigilante justice may be acceptable in other lands? It is not so here. This is…
Denny Crane: Here it comes.
A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: …the United States of America.
Shirley Schmidt: Don’t even think about it. We keep hearing about the rights of the accused in this country. What about the victims? What about his rights? We’re supposed to say, “Sorry, Tito, we’d love to save you, but there are these rules?” There’s a murder in this country every thirty-one minutes, a forcible rape every six minutes, a robbery every one minute. But, hey! Let’s all band together and protect the constitutional principals that make this country great. Things clearly got ugly here. But a human life was at stake. With all due respect to the civil liberties of the suspect’s brother, with great deference to canon law and Father Ryan’s imported door and his fingers, the life of a four year old boy was at stake. Brad Chase saved that little boys life. It’s that simple.

检察官Frank Ginsberg: 当然,我们都很高兴见到Tito Perez没事,但是这并不能说明为达成目的可以不择手段,也不意味着可以通过绑架途径来解决,假扮FBI成员,非法监禁,敲诈勒索,袭击伤人,无论他是否有意砍掉Ryan神父的手指...他的确是在不计后果的情况下对别人造成了伤害。我们是个法制国家,我们同时也是个有着自由和人权的国家,这些都是我们宪法的基础,也是我们权利法案的根本。这个人不仅违反了法律,在这个过程中他更是动摇了我们宪法的基石,这种所谓的替天行道也许可以为其他地方所允许,但是在这里行不通。这里是...
Denny Crane: 来了
A.D.A. Frank Ginsberg: 美立坚合众国
Shirley Schmidt: 想都不要想。在我们国家总是可以听到被告拥有的各种权利,那受害人呢?他的权利呢? 我们也许会说,"对不起Tito,我们很想救你,可是我们要遵守规定?"这个国家每31分钟就有一起谋杀案,每6分钟就有一起强奸,每1分钟有一起抢劫,但是,"嗨! 让我们团结起来保护宪法的根本""它让我们的国家更美好"。虽然所用手段不是那么光明,但是当时有一条生命在受到威胁,为了尊重疑犯的兄弟的自由权利,为了顺从教规,还有保护Ryan神父那意大利进口的门和他的手指,一个四岁的男孩的生命危如累卵,Brad Chase救了那个小男孩的生命。就这么简单。


Jury Foreman: On the charge of kidnapping we find the defendant, Bradley Chase, not guilty. On the charge of false imprisonment we find the defendant, Bradley Chase, not guilty. On the charge of aggravated assault, we find the defendant, Bradley Chase, not guilty.

陪审团:对于绑架的指控,我们认为被告Bradley Chase,罪名不成立。对于非法监禁的指控,我们认为被告Bradley Chase,罪名不成立。对于严重伤人的指控,我们认为被告Bradley Chase,罪名不成立。


Alan Shore: Here’s the thing about me. I am a hoot. But I insist on putting adversary back into the system. And I do it openly and notoriously for all to hear. While a swell guy like you doesn’t want the public to know that of the thousands of industries tracked by the Better Business Bureau the credit card racket is number one in customer complaints. You don’t want them to know that you deliberately target those who won’t be able to pay off their debts. People you call,‘Revolvers’. People who see ‘zero percent interest’ in big blue print and don’t know that with just one late payment you skyrocket their interest to thirty percent. That if they so much as inquire about leasing a car you raise their rates. You don’t want the public to know that while over seven million families have filed for bankruptcy in the last five years you got Congress to change the bankruptcy code to make it next to impossible for people to discharge credit card debt. You don’t want people to know that the credit card industry is essentially a pack of hyenas crunching on the bones of the poor. Do you? I smell something awful. I think it’s you. Yes, this case has the stench of big tobacco and asbestos all over it. Luckily our firm has nine offices around the US, London and Hong Kong, strategically positioned for massive class action suits. And once the company you represent smells it too they’ll find you’re not nearly smart or powerful enough and they’ll drop you for a firm that employs expertise and intimidation rather than down home hokum and smiley handshakes. And this is my favorite part, when your firm fires your obsequiese ass for losing their client… Oh my God! The stress! Your tan will fade, you’ll gain a few pounds, drink a bit more, scream at the kids, and maybe your wife will finally leave you. For the realtor who sells your house because after all he’ll still be able to afford Christmas in Aruba and next year’s convertible. Hey, fella. Don’t worry about it. It’ll be a hoot.

Alan Shore: 告诉你我的看法。我是个怪胎,但是我喜欢和社会规则作对,而且我喜欢大摇大摆地公开做反派。而相反,像你这样的自大狂,却喜欢做偷鸡摸狗的事,以免被让人知道在商业信誉良好监督局的记录中,信用卡欺诈位于顾客投诉的榜首,你不想让他们知道你们的目标是那些还不起钱的人,那些你们称为冤大头的人,他们看到利率为零就很高兴,却不知道只要他们不能及时还款,他们的利率马上攀升到30%,他们只要动了一下租车的念头,你们就马上提高他们的利率,你不想让大众知道有7百万家庭在过去5年内宣布破产,而你们促使国会修改破产法,使他们不得不继续清偿信用卡债务,你不想让人们知道信用卡产业,就像是一群穷凶极恶的土狗在啃噬穷人的骨头,对吗?我闻到一阵臭味,我想是你这传来的。是的,这个案子本身就是腐臭不堪,幸好我们事务所拥有位于美国,伦敦和香港等9家办事处,这是专为进行大规模的诉讼案而设置的,因此,一旦你的公司也闻到了这股臭味,他们就会发现你既不聪明又没有能力,然后他们就会发现作为一家专业从事敲诈的公司,请一个只会说废话和微笑握手的人是多余的。接下来就是我最喜欢的部分,当你的公司因为你丢掉了他们的客户而解雇你时,噢,我的天!压力出现了! 你再也不能去晒太阳了,你的收入也变少了,你开始酗酒,向孩子们大喊,而也许你的妻子最后会离开你,嫁给那个卖掉你房子的房地产经纪人,因为毕竟他还可以去阿鲁巴岛过圣诞,还可以在下一年买一辆敞蓬车。嗨,伙计,别担心,我只是说说而已。

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