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oth搞笑视频合集   大家唱主题歌这个其实不轻松了,不过这两个人无论戏外的绯闻还是戏里被这么YY,我都觉得挺诡异挺搞笑的)  chad在辣妈里的干嚎   调侃nick  调侃Brulian的,颇有几分south park风范:
J:do you have a lucas mask ? I can wear that when we screw, if that makes you feel better
B: Can I scream Lucas when we have sex because I am the only girl in Tree Hill that is allowed to have sex. Actual married and engaged couples arent allowed to. The CW says so.
J: Next time on 'One Brooke Hell', Julian gets some ass.   意大利语配音版的oth  调侃mark的,喜欢haley的fans看看挺解气的  搞笑的chad,dan大人说法语时实在是帅毙了  还是搞笑的chad  第三季花絮  第四季花絮  第五季花絮  第六季花絮,今年的花絮主角绝对是属于dan大人的


P:You're gonna be a huge role in this baby's life, You're not gonna be a huge roll, that would be weird cause that's a baked good

P: .. charming.. or charismatic.. what the F am I talking about

R: Great day to be alive!

J: Did you hear my stomach
D: Oh, I thought that was a poop

H:I never slept with anyone, Thats not my line

D: I walked in on an airplane landing in our bedroom, and there you were with the Pilot

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